The Measure of Time

CalendarLast week saw yet another CT scan and, unfortunately, some progression: albeit slowly, my cancer is growing again. And so I am now looking at my third-line treatment. I must admit, its all a little surreal. I was going to be that girl who got years on each successive therapy, denying to odds and beating down the doors of a ripe old age. Strike that – I AM going to be that girl, just not the way I planned.


National Breast Cancer Coalition

There are countless breast cancer “charities” out there…from beheamoth organziations of international scope, to local support centers active in our various communities. NBCC is of particiular note as a stand-out national advocacy organization supporting an agenda of finding a cure, and I proudly join them next month as we work to move that agenda forward! In addition to Joy’s wonderful overview of NBCC, there are some valuable & important links to related projects and efforts.

–by Joy Simha, NBCC Executive Committee

At The National Breast Cancer Coalition every bit of business we do begins with a moment of silence (MOS) to remember an incredible breast cancer advocate who has died since our last gathering. The MOS grounds us and reminds us about why we are there. And every day as I sit down to my desk to write, I look at the faces of all the women I know who have died of breast cancer. I also, in some cases, look at the faces of their children, because I know that I want to end breast cancer because they are without their mothers. More

Komen Losses Its Compass

At first I was too stunned to put together a coherent thought on Susan G Komen’s most recent announcement that they are pulling already-approved grants to Planned Parenthood to provide mammograms to low-income, uninsured women. I still don’t quite have the words to articulate my outrage, but SOMETHING has to be said, and I take great comfort in the uprising of people across the internet who have spoken so clearly against this action.

News on this story has been moving quickly, and from one report I glimpsed Planned Parenthood has already replaced $400,000 of the funds through unsolicited donations. Amazing…. More

Unpacking the Mammography Guidelines, Or Why As A Young Survivor I Don’t Think They’re All That Bad

As recently as this week the 2009 US Preventative Services Task Force Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines are back in the headlines.

As a cancer survivor with no known family history of breast or related cancers and whose cancer was first detected on a baseline mammogram at the age of 35, issues related to the value of screening and young women are very close to my heart. By all rights, my cancer might not have been found for another five years, and based on the current guidelines, perhaps it would not have even been found yet. So this is something that matters a great deal to me personally. More

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