The Antidote to Pink Fatigue

© Pam Stephan

October tends to be a stressful month for me. School is back in full swing with a panoply of activities requiring my chauffer skills. My program year at work begins in earnest, interrupted – good and bad – by a series of holidays. While I enjoy the celebration, the office closures don’t seem to change the work demands.

And then there is PINK.

It’s hard to explain why, as a women living with metastatic breast cancer, I don’t jump on the pink bandwagon.

It supports me, right? Well, no. Wrong. Remarkably wrong.


Surviving Someone Else’s Cancer

by Zachary Rubiner


I was 3 ½ when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I can’t remember much of that time, but what I do remember will stay with me for the rest of my life.


The Pinking of America

I’ve surprised many a friend with my anti-Breast Cancer Month sentiments. I simply recoil against what I think of as The Pinking of America. First it was the grocery stores with shelves lined with pink cans of Campbell’s soup and displays of pink M&Ms. Next clothing stores awash in pink bras and rhinestone ribbons, followed by pink-ribbon nail polish at the beauty supply outlets. This year saw pink on the NFL football fields of America. More

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