Celebrating the Life of Laurie Becklund

There is no way that I could say it better…

I had the good fortune to know Laurie, her persistence and tenacity, her demand for honesty, and her commitment to all of us living with breast cancer. She was a brilliant journalist and beautiful soul, and she was stolen far too soon…

Please, read her final words.


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  1. NotDownOrOut
    Feb 22, 2015 @ 07:26:41

    I read that farewell. I am sad for this loss. Perhaps the article’s ending is a way to think of Laurie and all of those like her: those who follow the story even to the brink of the rock at the edge of the abyss, those who ask the questions until they find an answer that satisfies. She has gone to find the real truth of why a society that says it wants to find a cure for cancer spends more time running races and selling pink accessories instead of saving the lives in the greatest jeopardy. There are no easy medals or kudos to win in that endeavor.


  2. thesmallc
    Feb 23, 2015 @ 07:38:41

    Everything said in this article is absolutely true. If only the people “in power” felt the same way. We need a drastic change in the “system.” Fast! Or we’ll continue to lose many more people, sadly.

    As for the “database” she referred to, I agree. There’s currently one but it only includes “individuals found to have alterations in genes associated with cancer risk.” I am currently a participant because I am one of those individuals. I also have a strong family history with no BRCA mutation identified. But of course, we need so much more than this. Here’s the database I am referring to (everyone with a similar situation can participate): https://connect.patientcrossroads.org/?org=prompt



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