We are constantly confronted by “breast cancer marketing,” the barrage of pink, from funding free mammograms and research, to supporting individuals with cancer, some of whom can’t even afford child care and transportation to treatment. We range from those with strong family histories, whether BRCA positive or not, to those enduring treatment, to long-time survivors with metastatic breast cancer, to those we have loved and lost. We are each the face of breast cancer.

In America, and I presume elsewhere, there is a great divide between those of us on the ground, living with and dying from cancer – and the other side of breast cancer, those who make funding decisions and allocations of both donated and allocated dollars, private, public and NGO.

If you could have their ear for a moment, if you could tell them what YOU think, what YOU see, what YOUR breast cancer priority is? What if your voice, combined with others like you, like me, could help influence our future?

Comment below or tweet to #BCNext to join the dialogue and spread the word! Let your voice ring out!

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  1. Scorchy
    Jan 06, 2014 @ 16:58:03

    A couple of days ago my friend received a telephone call from a breast cancer organization purporting to raise funds to benefit women with breast cancer. My friend wisely asked what percentage of every dollar actually goes to helping women and what goes to administrative costs. “I’m so happy you asked,” said the rep, and proceeded to tell my friend that 15% of her donation would go to help women and the rest to administrative costs. My friend then said that she has a friend with breast cancer (moi) and that she would rather see 100% of her donation go to me. Then I opened up an envelope from her and two other close friends. They gave me two $79.00 Metro cards so that I would have the means to travel to and from my doctor’s appointments without worrying about money.

    So I’m gonna say this: spending money on research and universal mammograms is all well and good. But many women *across the economic spectrum* need help to address their co-pays, transportation costs or transportation in general, and counseling. It’s not just a poverty level issue, it’s all over and all women need to be placed in this pot. BOOTS ON THE GROUND, PEOPLE. BOOTS ON THE GROUND.


  2. Jan Hasak
    Jan 06, 2014 @ 17:05:29

    I would otherwise qualify for the Affordable Healthcare Act, but I can’t get it because it doesn’t include providers that I need to get my clinical trial drugs. It only includes local providers, and that doesn’t help someone with Stage IV cancer who must travel a distance to get to the center with the clinical study. It is too bad that this Act really doesn’t help Stage IV cancer patients like me, who fall through the cracks. Also, it would be nice if oncologists would tell patients in remission to watch for shortness of breath because it might be pleural effusion. No one seems to know what pleural effusion is unless they get it. Thanks for the opportunity to educate others. XOX


    • Lori
      Jan 07, 2014 @ 14:53:08

      First, WONDERFUL to see you here, Jan! Even if your photo is a moment in time, your smile is always infectious! Happy New Year!!

      Second, what a critical observation! As I’ve watched major medical/cancer centers find ways to opt out of accepting ACA patients my hope for a new horizon in health care has waned. As for better education from our health care providers – YES! I’m sure there are other areas where our education can make an important impact on how quickly we follow up…

      Thanks for sharing!!


      • Jan Hasak
        Jan 07, 2014 @ 17:18:34

        You are very welcome, Lori. I’m glad I could add to the conversation, and wish I could have been more of a commenter in 2013. I’ll try harder this year, as I don’t have to focus so much on healing and can devote more time to writing. Lymphedema is another condition that doctors don’t warn patients about. And, yes, I know there are many other areas of undereducation or lack of education where time is of the essence in following up. XOX

  3. Anonymous
    Jan 09, 2014 @ 14:43:03

    I have stage 4 Lung Cancer and funds for it are lowest on the totem pole. I personally wish they equally divided the money for ALL CANCER.


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