The Darkness Within

Expressions about cancer through poetry

I, I am poison, the enemy within
Death, hiding in life
A faceless adversary lurking in molecular darkness
I live in bone and flesh
I live in blood and cells
Stealing light, stealing laughter, stealing time
The most precious thing of all
I feed on toxins and chemicals
The food you eat, the air you breathe
I feed on innocence and purity
Young and old, weak and strong, beggars and kings
But even the strongest tremble when they hear my name
I am the ultimate mirror
I rip away the lies and the trivial worries
The burdens that don’t count, the arguments that didn’t matter
I leave you naked and weak
Viewing the world in a whole new light
Look me in the eye and know yourself for who you truly are
Human. Fragile. Mortal
In my arms mundane things becomes precious and precious things become irrelevant
I conquer my…

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  1. Renn
    Mar 11, 2013 @ 21:31:45

    WOW. Awesome. Truth. Thank you for sharing that. I have now bookmarked!

    (PS Lori, please email me at rennasus at gmail dot com when y’all gather next in LA!


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