Lenovo – #FAIL

Document1Back in October my laptop got into it with a glass of Old Vine Zin. Guess who won? Sadly the worst wasn’t even the loss of the computer; my manuscript’s most recent versions weren’t backed up.I scurried over to the Apple Store where they basically told me I’m up a creek. For $800+ they could look and maybe repair the… (at this point the Apple “Genius” sounds oddly like the adults in a Charlie Brown special). That’s nearly as much as a NEW Macbook!He did, however, explain there was a good chance the hard drive would be salvageable,  and he explained what I needed to do. Two trips to Fry’s later I’m set. One end of my kitchen is set with surgical preparation…laptop, tools carefully laid out. On the other, a glass of wine to calm my nerves, set at a distance that would not, could not, under any circumstances cause further harm. AND RESCUE THAT DATA I DID!  L’chaim…Now the task of getting a new one.
Since I felt Mac had me by the proverbial…you know, they were out. I went to Best Buy, Fry’s, and back to Best Buy where I bought then promptly returned something, and acknowledged I was paralyzed.As always, John came to my rescue, ordering a custom Lenovo, complete with 3-year bumper-to-bumper warranty.  Literally off a slow boat from China.Waiting…Three weeks later it arrived! AND…it didn’t work! Well, it worked. But the wi-fi card didn’t. And isn’t that exactly the point of a laptop? To be untethered?  Freedom to roam? Not so much.
So in fairly short order Lenovo tech support confirmed that there was a problem and since it was about a, wait…let me think…oh, right AN HOUR old, it should be replaced. Call the sales department in the morning. Good night.
On Nov 24 my ever-supportive husband did just that. Replacement computer was ordered and would arrive with a shipping label for the first computer, which I could use, with the obvious restrictions, in the meantime.
One week.
Two weeks.
Three weeks.
Lenovo must be on code silence. So I call. And guess what, the order is RIGHT THERE. In their computers. So says the guy in, I presume, India. But it was never submitted to the factory for production.
Huh? One wonders how long it would have just sat there…
So he promises to submit it, and knock $30 off the price for my troubles.
Oddly enough, THAT infuriates me! Ordered on Nov 4, it is now Dec 10, I am not one step closer to having what I need but thanks for the THIRTY BUCKS! How about if you let me speak to your supervisor?
Twice escalated, and now stateside, I am offered $100 off, $100 in free product and they will rush my laptop. The next day I check in and it is due to arrive on Dec 18. OK, we’re getting somewhere at last. Yea, me!
Not so fast…
The next day my delivery date is Jan 1. ARGH!
No warning, no explanation, no apologies, just a computer scheduled to arrive nearly TWO MONTHS after it was ordered!
In the meantime, I’m shopping the stores again. I find one I think I like, but once I get it home I quickly find I hate it. And I hate Windows 8 (which is what will be coming on my Lenovo, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it).
And as a writer without the ability to write, waiting is NOT easy!
FINALLY IT ARRIVES. I’m a little disappointed that by now there is not a shred of joy in opening the box of a nearly $1000 purchase, but if it works I’ll get over it.
And it does! IT WORKS!
At first… And then it, too, won’t hold an internet connection.
OK, I sheepishly admit maybe it’s NOT the laptop. And since not ALL of our devices can sustain a connection…my next stop is Time Warner. They claim everything looks right from their end, but agree to send someone out. And it ends up that squirrels have gnawed through the line and while we can sustain a connection, when the wind blows or the rain falls, we run into problems. So he replaces the wire.
“That should do it,” he declares. “Everyone sign in.”
“I can’t get on” rings through the house. Grrrrrrr….
Ends up an old password is still stored in the router and the tech can’t get rid of it…so he replaces the router and VIOLA! We’re all back on again!
Enormous relief descends.
Until the next day, when my laptop won’t connect at work. Or to my wireless hotspot. Or at Starbucks.
At my wit’s end, I come home and dissolve into tears. I truly cannot take this a moment longer. I cannot stand needing to check any number of computers to find the files I need. I cannot tolerate restart my wi-fi every half hour or rebooting my computer a half a dozen times a day. It is excessive AND IT IS NOT WORKING FOR ME! I know it sounds petty, but the amount of time wasted on this upsets me on a rather deep, my life is limited sort of level.
By the time I’m back on with Lenovo tech support I’m furious. The very nice guy in Atlanta, sensing my anger, insists he understands. I insist he can’t POSSIBLY. He offers to escalate the call. And I tell him to do whatever needs to be done to SOLVE MY PROBLEM! After hearing the whole story he agrees it just needs to be returned at this point. The combination of two problem computers and near utter lack of responsiveness on their part it more than I can take. Buh-bye Lenovo.
No sooner do I hang up the phone than John leaves, Apple Store bound. I think he is pissed and frustrated as I am, but as usual, he finds a way to rescue me…
I’m writing from my NEW MacBook Air – and I haven’t been kicked off the internet ONCE in three days!
John, you’re my hero!

9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. elynjacobs
    Jan 21, 2013 @ 08:43:47

    yeah, not nearly as bad, but delays and arguments with Dell weren’t pretty either…glad you are up and running! ah, the power of a good glass of wine…


  2. jbaldwinglenn
    Jan 21, 2013 @ 09:04:40

    Apple has had my loyalty since I switched from a typewriter to word processor 25-6 years ago…Very impressed that you were able to save your data!!!!


  3. phxross
    Jan 21, 2013 @ 14:52:05

    Sign up for Carbonite or Mozy! Automatic back-up, in the “cloud”. Never loose anything again


  4. diggingher
    Jan 21, 2013 @ 17:03:31

    Tough story, I feel your pain!


  5. Jackie
    Jan 21, 2013 @ 18:24:01

    Apple, with all of it’s warts, is still the best. I am glad you are back with US. Love you!


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