NaBloPoMo 19: Food, Glorious Food’s scan day, about which I will probably write more later. By way of distraction I offer this (despite the protestations of my rumbling stomach):

I think I could live on just four things: bread, cheese, olives and wine. To be sure, I love food. But those things alone could be enough! Food, however, is incomplete unless it is shared. Whether family or friends, cooking for or with, a full table and a full stomach make for a full life. Food nourishes both body and soul…

Food is also communal, and I love both the slow foods and communal table movements now in vogue. I enjoy breaking bread with friends, and even arranged to a seat at the end of my kitchen counter so that someone can keep me company (and keep my wine glass full) over cheese, olives, humus, or guac while I prepare dinner.

On the cusp of the mother of all food holidays, share what do you love about food? A favorite recipe or Thanksgiving dish? A favorite setting? What about food is glorious for you?

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  1. Susan
    Nov 19, 2012 @ 10:50:01

    It’s a great idea to divert the mind from scaniety. That said I just want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I hope you enjoy the holiday! XoXoXo-Susan


  2. Karen Sutherland
    Nov 19, 2012 @ 22:33:04

    dear lori,

    oh, dear – now i am sooo HUNGRY! yes, yes, breaking, sharing bread…and all the good things that go with that bread – a slice of heaven, to be sure.

    i think of all the rituals of thanksgiving that surround the celebratory dinner. hugh smokes a turkey every year; he becomes happily obsessed with just the right kind of wood chips, the length of time to soak them to be sure they give up just the perfect dose of a smoky flavor to the bird, then minds the slow burning fire in the smoker – for hours; i chuckle to myself as he goes in and out of the house to check the coals – reminds me of when he was a new, nervous father and went in and out of the nursery, keeping vigil to be sure our new baby was still breathing.
    but when that gorgeous, light mahogany tinged turkey is presented at table, the aroma making our mouths water, and the pride and delight shining on the manny-man’s face, we all feel very grateful and can’t wait to get that first sublime bite onto our forks and into our mouths.

    the dinner menu varies somewhat around the expected and traditional foods – maybe oysters in the dressing one year, a new cranberry recipe may appear alongside the plainer, but still declicious and beautiful to look at fresh made whole cranberry sauce, brussell sprouts tossed in bacon drippings, then roasted in the oven (i am midwestern born with deep southern roots) might replace last years green veggie – but whatever the current years’ bill of fare, i always have a foodie’s trip down memory lane that i look forward to. for decades i’ve hand written each year’s menu out on a sheet of deckled edged parchment, decorated with a small drawing or festooned with calligraphic flourishes. i don’t remember why i ever started doing it, unless it was just a dash of detail that made the holiday feel really special. they’re all there in one of my time-worn cookbooks, and i am so glad i saved them. recalling the food we served conjures up other memories; of our guests, the ages of our children, the addition of grandchildren, and what we were especially thankful for in a particular year.

    around the time our first granchild was born, we came across a reproduction of a dinnerbell, sculpted in brass, hanging from a brass branch with a little brass bird perched atop it. a bit of cording hangs below the bell, attached to the clapper – something tiny hands could manage to ring quite easily – in fact, quite noisily. and incessantly. and brassy. did i mention it was made of brass?! neverthless, the ringing of the dinner bell to summon all the guests to table is still sweet music to our ears, and delights the grandkids who ring it no end.

    last year at this time, little did i know that while hugh was still recovering from the 2nd of his auto stem cell transplants to get his multiple myeloma into remission, i would be diagnosed with ST IV metastatic breast cancer just 3 weeks later, and a few days after that with insulin dependent diabetes. we had cancer at the same time for the better part of a year – so surreal! but this year we are both in remission. this week hugh will smoke another delicious turkey, we’ll dabble with a new addition to our menu, i’ll set aside a quite time to write out our menu for posterity, and granchildren will ring the dinner bell. as we all go round the table to say what we are grateful for, hugh and i will hold hands under the table to help quell happy tears of joy when it’s our time to say our piece. it will be simple but elegant: we are so grateful to feel so grateful.


    love, XOXO,

    karen, TC


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