NaBloPoMo 14: Holding the Future

Another piece from Write Your Life, taught by writing coach Nomi Isak.
From dust we are born, to dust we return.
The cracked earth reflected in hands that have touched a lifetime.
My hands have held life:
    plucked a fresh flower
    picked grapes from the vine
    cradled a newborn
    held fast to a toddler as he ran for the street
    touched the face of my lover
My hand have held death:
    a leaf on the ground
    the dog of my childhood
    my mother, now gone
    dreams unfulfilled
I am a traveler on this planet. Without having every left home I have traversed the universe. Around and around the sun, from my little corner of the globe. I have stories to share, wisdom to impart. Time is short. Not because I’m old, but because it is. My hands have held life. My hands have held death. And these I now hand to you, for my hands cannot hold the future.

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathleen Hoffman, PhD
    Nov 14, 2012 @ 11:58:55

    Hi…I’ve been sharing this…It’s lovely!


  2. jonahshome
    Nov 14, 2012 @ 12:22:31

    Thank you Lori. Wonderfully written and thought provoking. I’ve been sharing this too.


  3. Susan
    Nov 14, 2012 @ 14:42:47

    This is written so beautifully. I love the images that come to my mind as I read the post and reflect on it. As I type I think about what my own hands are doing…not holding anything, just typing. Thanks for another great post Lori.


  4. DrAttai
    Nov 14, 2012 @ 20:22:21

    Simply beautiful. Thank you


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