NaBloPoMo 13: Fighting for Freedom

Falling a bit behind yet again, but here is my Veteran’s Day entry. My son is deeply committed to service, and comes from a long line of others who were as well. His father though work for the Department of Justice, his grandfather, great-uncle and great-grandfather in the Navy. So it seemed fitting to honor Veteran’s Day by visiting a local Naval battleship-cum-museum, the USS Iowa.

The Iowa was commissioned and decommissioned three times in the years between 1943 and 1989, and while it now serves as a museum it is maintained battle-ready. It was retrofit to accommodate very specific needs of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, including a bathtub at sea and thresholds that would accommodate his wheelchair.

Touring the ship was great, but far more amazing was the chance encounters with the many Navy Veterans who were also on board.

I am puzzled as to why freedom requires a fight, why we need guns. BIG GUNS. I don’t understand why one’s freedom seems to come at the expense of another’s, or why anyone would want to diminish another’s. I know it all sounds rather Pollyanna-ish, but I just can’t abide by the thought that, as we share this small planet and we have so much for which we should be working together, that peace will forever be illusive.

All of that said, I choke up every time I see a serviceman or woman in uniform. I am awed by their readiness to put their lives on the line for this thing called freedom, at the sacrifices they make for the sake of our nation, the work they do to protect something as simple as this very blog. They have earned the our deepest gratitude, and I am very proud of a family that has served, and a son who intends to follow in their footsteps.

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