NaBloPoMo 6: America’s Tomorrow


Perhaps it is said every year, or at least every fourth year, but it feels like our country is more polarized than at any time in my memory. The good news is that we have two presidential candidates who stand in stark contrast to one another. I am, however, puzzled by the small margin of “undecideds” who are said to be the determining factor in today’s race. You may not like either candidate, but it doesn’t seem like a really tough choice. But that’s me…

Recently I heard author/radio personality Tavis Smiley speak, and I was deeply moved by his words. He spoke of community, of responsibility, and of the future of our country. He stood in a room of fairly well-off attorneys and made it clear that we have the resources and the moral imperative to work on behalf of our neighbors who have far less. He didn’t say it, but I thought about those who, if they are lucky, work a job or two each day in order to feed and clothe their children, to pay their rent, to build a better life for the next generation.

A number of things Tavis said struck home, but the one being tossed around in my head today is his hope that we will some day “live in a nation as good as its promise.”

We aren’t there yet. Really, we aren’t there. We simply do not live up to the promise of America. Wow.

Someone will win tonight, and someone will lose. We, the voters, will chose a direction for our nation. And the weight that will be on the shoulders of that man is immense. Whatever we decide, I hope that our next President will have the wisdom, the strength and the courage to help us become as good, if not better, than that promise.

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