Not Funding Mammograms for the Cure

In a thinly veiled move that defies explanation, Susan G Komen For the Cure has chosen to pull the plug on mammograms for low-income and/or underinsured women. What might their next step “for a Cure” be?

Slate on Komen     Jezebel on Komen

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  1. Nancy's Point
    Feb 01, 2012 @ 06:38:44

    Good question. This is so disturbing for so many reasons. In my opinion, it’s a disgrace.


  2. Jackie
    Feb 01, 2012 @ 09:58:08

    Wow! that sure is curious, considering their “pinking of America” has reached every aspect of every thing that could possibly be for sale! How much money are they making over there at the Komen Foundation? I’m totally dismayed…


  3. jacques
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 10:28:50

    This is extremely disturbing to see the KOMEN FOUNDATION’s decision to no longer support Planned Parenthood, and then to change course 24 hours later after thousdans of people stormed the Bastille of the Internet.
    1. The public was obliged with the help of scared parliamentarians (namely the US Congress) to change its decision but we all know that the Komen Foundation was pressured in the first place. Who pressured the Foundation to change course? A whim? Who?
    2. It is the Internet and people who could make their voices heard that altered KOMEN’s decision. Do not think for a minute that KOMEN has really changed their decision. The pressure group behind the KOMEN FOUNDATION not supporting Planned Parenthood will find ways to cut help.
    3. Whether it is in the US or in Europe with various parliaments, congresses, houses, the power of the Internet is important and this “change of heart” will show parliamentarians that they simply cannot do anything. This also gives the ruling elites of the World a reason to cut down the Internet and impose restrictions such as SOPA in the US, and ACTA in Europe.


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