Flushed Away…

How many more MILLIONS of dollars will be spent on telling us what we already know, before someone FINALLY demands accountability?? We talk about how little Komen spends on research (in 2010 it was 19% of what they rake in), but it seems we need to take a closer look at how even THOSE dollars are spent! See what they are up to here: Lowering Breast Cancer Risk.

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  1. Jackie
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 09:41:06

    So… what does the Komen Foundation do with the other 81% of their fundraising? Is it a for profit foundation? I’m confused.


    • Lori
      Dec 08, 2011 @ 11:13:41

      It’s a great question, Jackie. The fact is that Komen is, according to the IRS, a non-profit organization with all related tax benefits. How they allocate funds ($389.3M in 2010) is a topic of deep conseternation. Money spent on suing other non-profits for the use of “…for the Cure” and studies such as this one are distressing to many of us, given that donors are rarely aware of how their money is used. I readily admit that “soft” services that support women in treatment, provide necessary diagnostic services, and the like are a valuable use of fund. However, none of those things will bring on a cure…and if that is what we want (I do!), we much focus on research. Komen, but virtue of it’s budget, could…nay, should…be a leading force. Instead, in 2010 alone, they allocated only $74.5M to research (19% of their 389.3M), and of THAT $12.7M went to staff salaries, fees and operating expenses, bringing us down to $62.7M, or 16.1% of their total income.

      For the best breakdown I’ve seen, check out Komen by the Numbers (http://tinyurl.com/7kkvseo) by Rachel at The Cancer Culture Chronicles.


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