There IS Something You Can Do…

The outpouring of love and support, from both my in-person and online communities has been so profound and I simply don’t have words for how touched I have been. Many have asked if there’s anything they can do. For the moment, we need your thoughts and prayers as we all find our “new normal.” But there is one thing you could do for me….

I’ve blogged before about the importance of research and the need to fill clinical trials, and as many of you know I spent my summer working on my first scientific peer review panel for the Department of Defense. And there is one certainty…we cannot cure this disease without evidence-based scientific research. And we cannot complete research studies without subjects. So if you’d like to do something for me (which is really for all of us), please follow this link now to the Love/Avon Army of Women site and sign up. All women are eligible, irrespective of breast cancer history. In signing up you are committing to read periodic emails about breast cancer studies. (You won’t be eligible for most of them.) You are not committing to participate in anything! If you’re eligible you will get more information to help you decide if you’d like to participate. Some studies are involved, and others require you swab your cheek. Your information is only shared with researchers once you indicate interest. It’s always up to you, but you just might be a part of the cure!

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  1. AnneMarie Ciccarella (@chemobrainfog)
    Sep 24, 2011 @ 11:31:23

    As the NY “TROOP Organizer” for the Army of Women I don’t even know how to thank you for this post. I am so passionate about Dr. Love and this idea which is nothing short of ingenious. It asks for nothing! No donation dollars, no volunteer hours, just agree to receive emails so studies can be filled quickly so LIVES CAN BE SAVED now and future generations (and my daughter, especially) can look at US as the group who survived “The Plague” before research was able to eradicate the disease.

    I do have a “vlog” embedded in my entry from Friday explaining a bit about the AOW and I am determined to be out of a volunteer job.

    For all of Lori’s friends and acquaintances and for all of her blog followers. Please join. She’s thrown herself behind a revolutionary opportunity. We can all be part of it…..



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