Customized Mammogram Schedule Recommended

Released today in the Annals of Internal Medicine: Personalized mammography by Breast Density and Other Risk Factors for Breast Cancer: Analysis of Health Benefits and Cost-Effectiveness.

In reviewing existing studies, this article focusing on the variety risk factors to determine that, consistent with the 2009 USPSTF Guidelines, “(m)ammography screening should be personalized on the basis of a woman’s age, breast density, history of breast biopsy, family history of breast cancer, and beliefs about the potential benefit and harms of screening.”

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  1. DrAttai
    Jul 05, 2011 @ 21:16:29

    Now this is more like it! While we still have a very long way to go in making truly personalized medical care a reality, in my view this is a huge step forward. One size fits all screening is not the best approach. Women need to take this information to their doctors, and doctors need to be willing to sit down with their patients and have these discussions. There are still a lot of unanswered questions, and many women at increased risk do not necessarily know it, but information such as this sets the stage for more dialogue. Hopefully women will be able to make more informed choices regarding whether or not to screen, what age to begin, frequency of screening, and what tests are most appropriate for them.


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